- - idō Unveils Indoor Cycling Specific Collection of Apparel

idō Unveils Indoor Cycling Specific Collection of Apparel

As the mercury begins to plummet in regions across the world, forcing even the most dedicated riders to retreat to the indoors, the British brand idō has unveiled a new collection of apparel that’s specifically design for indoor cycling.

“Many of us have plenty of old cycling gear, cheap options or an ill-fitting t-shirt that we can use on the indoor trainer. Why not just wear that? When creating idō, we thought deeply about this – about the problem we are solving and the need we are fulfilling. Cycling indoors is a completely different experience to outdoors and so the garments you wear should be suited to that environment. Whether your needs centre around performance or comfort, having the appropriate kit will always be the answer. To ride harder, faster, longer or simply without irritation is our ultimate goal.We have created a highly technical collection that is light and breathable, that helps you perform and is supremely comfortable with no concession to style,” says idō. 

According to idō, its jersey is made from Shoji Mesh, a fabric known for its superior breathability and fast drying properties. 

In the case of the bibshorts, idō says they feature “graduated compression to optimize muscle support, along with “lightweight woven fabrics to improve moisture management and regulate temperature control”. Moreover, the brand claims the chamois has “enhanced air permeability” to cope with rigors of indoor cycling.

The collection consists of both men’s and women’s specific jerseys and bibshorts, which you can find more about by visiting idō’s website here. 


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