- - Improve Your Aerodynamic Signature with SwissSide's New AERO Socks

Improve Your Aerodynamic Signature with SwissSide’s New AERO Socks

First came the Aero Calf Sleeves for triathletes last June, now SwissSide is hoping to improve the aerodynamic signature of roadies with the introduction of its AERO Socks.

According to SwissSide, after testing no fewer than 50 different fabrics and 135 different configurations during extensive wind-tunnel testing, the final design utilizes a thin, non-compressive material that results in a claimed savings of 3W – 6.5W when measured at 45km/h (approximately 28mph). Interestingly, the socks are only available in white, because the engineers behind the AERO Socks say sublimation or the use of dyes reduces breathability, thus adding drag.

“You don’t have to decide whether you want maximum performance or to make a stylish statement on the streets. With the AERO Socks, you can have both! These Socks are developed by our aerodynamic experts in our wind tunnel facilities to make you faster. As UCI legal socks they are designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and to save between 3 and 6.5 watts on the road or time trial bike. Suitable for all athletes of all levels,” boasts SwissSide. 

The AERO Socks are available in sizes, small, medium and large, which sell for a hefty $70.00.





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