- - InsideRide’s e-Flex Motion System Gives "Full-Motion" Effect to Wahoo Kickr

InsideRide’s e-Flex Motion System Gives “Full-Motion” Effect to Wahoo Kickr

Thanks to an influx of smart trainers and virtual training software platforms theses days, riding a stationary trainer doesn’t have to be so monotonous any more. In fact, said technologies have become so advanced, the biggest challenge is which one to buy. 

InsideRide further enhances the virtual training experience with its new e-Flex Motion system, giving Wahoo’s Kickr trainer a real-world riding effect with side-to-side motion.

The e-Flex Motion utilizes a rocking platform and a separate fork stand that gives the Kickr this sense of motion thanks to a control mechanism that allows for a range of side-to-side tilt.  

Unlike other systems, InsideRide says the e-Flex Motion distinguishes itself by offering a more natural feeling of tilt, while centering force keeps the bike upright when being ridden without hands.  

The system is also compact, featuring foldable legs that make it easy to stowaway when not in use. 

The e-Flex Motion is only compatible with Wahoo’s Kickr and sell for $399.




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