- - Insta360 Announces New X4 Action Camera

Insta360 Announces New X4 Action Camera

Insta360 has announced the launch of its new X4, a versatile 360-degree action camera featuring 8K video and AI-powered gesture control, offering higher video resolution, a larger touchscreen, longer battery life and a more rugged build over its predecessor the X3. Plus, the X4 offers the ability to “shoot first, point later”, along with the Invisible Selfie Stick effect. The new camera can also double as a traditional action cam, with its Single-Lens Mode now upgraded to smooth, ultra-wide 4K60fps.

The X4 T is supported by a powerful 5nm AI chip, a smart control system with features such as Voice and Gesture Control, as well as vastly improved battery performance with a 135-minute run time. With AI-powered shooting and editing features, the X4 now makes it easy to capture and share unique, creative shots, while a new, removable lens guard is a welcomed addition, providing convenient, robust protection and peace of mind.

“8K will be transformative for creators as reframed video now holds its own alongside footage shot on regular cameras. But X4 isn’t just about image quality, it’s designed to be the most robust, easy-to-use 360° camera ever, no matter your experience. This idea was at the heart of a lot of the changes we made,” JK Liu, founder of Insta360 explained.

Additionally, there’s also a new 4K100fps setting for cinematic shots at 4x slow-motion, while also providing 360° shooting to capture impossible third-person views that look like they were shot on a drone. This feature also extends to photos, with the X4 now capable of 72MP 360° photos, as well as built-in AI denoising. Moreover, with Me Mode, the X4 can even automatically frame the subject in the shot, while keeping the selfie stick invisible. Also, thanks to 4K30fps (up from 1080p with X3) or 2.7K120fps, ready-to-share flat video clips with zero reframing are now possible.

“When you know exactly what you want to shoot, like a first-person POV from a chest-mounted position, simply switch to Single-Lens Mode for an immersive, wide-angle video.This has been souped up for X4 with super smooth 4K60fps, and an ultra-wide 170° view with MaxView at an upgraded 4K30fps,” says Insta360.

The new X4 can also withstand the rough and tumble of adventure courtesy of the following features:  

  • Removable Lens Guards: A key upgrade for X4. Easy to apply and remove at a moment’s notice. Two options include Standard Lens Guards (free with the camera) or the Premium Lens Guards, made with tough, scratch-resistant, tempered glass for action-ready ruggedness.
  • 2.5″ Corning Gorilla Glass Touchscreen – Bigger, tougher, and super responsive for on-the-go use.
  • FlowState Stabilization & 360° Horizon Lock – X4 delivers smooth, level shots, no matter how intense the action.
  • 135-Minute Run Time at 5.7K30fps – A huge new 2290 mAh battery offers a genuinely impressive 67% longer run time than X3!
  • Seriously Waterproof – Take X4 down to 33ft right out of the box, or for seamless 360° underwater stitching, try the Invisible Dive Case for shooting to 164ft.
  • Cold-Weather Resistant – Handles temperatures as low as -4ºF (-20ºC) with ease.

Elsewhere, Timed Capture lets users schedule X4 to power on, record and shut itself off automatically, while the camera’s creative shooting modes have received the following upgrades:

  • Bullet Time – our signature Matrix-like slow-mo shot, now up to 5.7K120fps or 3K240fps.
  • 8K TimeShift – a mind-bending hyperlapse in sensational 8K resolution.
  • 11K Timelapse – watch time fly and capture the magic in-between moments.

Other highlights include the Motion ND effect, for adding cinematic motion blur without an ND filter, along with the ability to overlay data like GPS, speed and power from your Garmin device or Apple Watch in one’s video, as well as the choice of interactive stats dashboards (applied in the Insta360 app).

The Insta360 also has an editing suite with options for creators of all levels, from one-tap, zero-effort AI edits, to fully customized manual editing such as Quick Edit (formerly known as Snap Wizard) that allows users to simply move their phone or use the virtual joystick to point the camera. For a fully hands-off approach, users can rely on AI Edit, letting Insta360’s algorithm handle the entire reframing process. The Insta360 app also has Shot Lab, where creators can find 30+ viral-worthy effects that can be edited in just a few taps.

For creators who prefer a desktop workflow, the recently updated Insta360 Studio is a highly flexible editing tool for clean, ready-to-share edits at maximized resolution, compatible with both 360° footage and regular flat images, while both the mobile app and desktop software are also free to use with no subscription required.

Lastly, Insta360 has also launched Reframe, its own plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, wherein creators now can reframe 360° files shot on X4 directly in Premiere Pro for a smoother workflow with minimal exporting and maximum image quality

The Insta360 X4 sells for $499.99. For more information and to order, check out the Insta360 Official Store.

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