- - Jeremy Powers: "Book of Cross" Chapter 2

Jeremy Powers: “Book of Cross” Chapter 2


photos credits @ Jeremy Powers

Jeremy Powers and Motofish Coffee have put together another great chapter in the Book of Cross project, this time on Jeremy’s home turf in western Massachusetts.

From Jeremy Powers

Hi everyone, happy new year! It’s been such a great year. Last night I sat down and found myself looking at a ton of Facebook posts, Instagram tagged images, emails, and posts I’ve favorited / bookmarked, just as a point of reflection to remember how nice a year 2015 truly was.
As many of you know, I love making videos and telling stories. Through these stories, I hope to be softly pushing you all out the door to get out there, ride your bikes and enjoy yourselves! So – I’m excited to bring you all a new BOOK OF CROSS – Chapter 2. It’s coming to you from my stomping grounds of Western Massachusetts: the roads, community, and friends I spend a lot of time with.

The Book Of Cross is very different than our Behind THE Barriers series. These short stories tend to focus on a point in my life, whether that’s a race, an event, a moment… The Motofish Images crew and I choose the focus point, zoom in on it, and dissect it, to bring you a well thought out, deeper video story.

I hope you all enjoy the new episode as it dives into my world at home. It’ll give you some context about what my days at home are like, not just out at the races. I’m extremely lucky to have the the support of all my sponsors who make videos like these possible. But also Greg, Chris and Jason at Motofish Images who have helped make these videos with me. It is truly a team effort and I’m so happy to be able to bring this kind of content to you and the cycling community. I REALLY have to thank my friends at SRAM for their support of not just me, but of the sport of cyclocross as a whole. If you guys get a chance, give them a ‘thanks’ on social media – I know they’ll appreciate it. On Twitter they are @Motofishimages and @SRAMRoad

Thank you all for taking the time to read! Enjoy and see you out there.


In case you missed chapter1…



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