- - Kask Protone Road Helmet Reviewed

Kask Protone Road Helmet Reviewed


While most cyclists can be uncompromising when it comes to their mandatory list of requirements when choosing a bike, perhaps no other two pieces of equipment are more subjected to the scrutiny of serious roadies than helmets and shoes. After all, there’s nothing worst than an ill-fitting helmet or an uncomfortable pair of riding shoes.

However, unlike shoes which in many cases need to be ridden extensively before one can assess their merits, good helmet fit can generally be judged right out of the box.


Having said that, after recently test fitting a dizzy array of high end road helmets that spanned the gamut in terms of ventilation, aerodynamics and of course style, the Kask Protone road helmet yielded the best fit for me.

From the very beginning, Kask’s OCTO fit system, which features a micro adjustable 180° floating cradle, seemed to perfectly fit my brain bucket  in all the right places – offering excellent padding and support.

Another feature about the Protone that I liked, was the washable eco-leather chinstrap which was not only very comfortable, but it didn’t leave all sorts of excess strap that needed to be either tucked or trimmed away. 

How was the Protone out on the road, you ask?

It was extremely comfortable and it required no fussing or adjustment at any point in my long rides. Its lightweight construction and excellent balance of ventilation seemed well-suited for diverse riding climates like New England.


In conclusion, I had a very positive experience donning the Protone. It provided me with excellent fit and great comfort – unadulterated by far-flung features and technology.

What more needs to be said? Oh, yes style.

The Protone certainly checks the box as it relates to euro-gucci flair. But, unlike many of the so-called aero helmets which posses what I call a laboratory ugly appearance, the Protone looks sleek and handsome while it cheats the wind.

Highly recommended!



Kask Protone


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