- - Keep Your Bike Grips Nice and Warm with Polar Plugs

Keep Your Bike Grips Nice and Warm with Polar Plugs

If you think having a heated steering wheel in your car is a nice option to have during the throes of winter, the same can be had for the grips on your bike thanks to Polar Plugs.

Developed by avid mountain biker, Brandon Lentz, Polar Plugs are a heated insert that plugs into virtually any straight handlebar, aimed at keeping a cyclist’s hands during even the most frigid of winter rides. 

According to Lentz, the Polar Plugs can provide heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 5 hours on a single charge, courtesy of long-lasting rechargeable batteries that only take two hours to fully charge. Moreover, charging can be done from the convenience of a computer using a simple USB adapter.

“I’m excited to launch polar plugs, the first ever of its kind,” says Lentz.. “Luckily it’s already a functioning prototype and far from just an idea or concept! No one wants to see a good idea executed poorly, so we’ve worked extremely hard to prepare our product for Kickstarter launch and full production. I have agreements in place with manufacturers and suppliers that I’m ready to order once the funds have been received. However, there still might be a risk of delay due to unforeseen circumstances, since production is a time where there can easily be some challenges. If needed, I will provide updates and keep all backers involved in the flow of information. If something arises, I will be prepared to tackle these challenges because of the quality suppliers that I have selected to ensure the best product possible.”

Polar Plugs are currently the subject of a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, offering early-backers the special price of $115.00 for a set. 


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