- - Klimat App Automatically Syncs Weather Data to Strava

Klimat App Automatically Syncs Weather Data to Strava

If you’re one of those cyclists who lives by the gospel according to Strava, there’s a new app from Klimat that automatically syncs weather data underneath your Strava activities.

Indeed, once the Klimat app has been added, cyclists can see basic weather info during their ride such as temperature, precipitation, humidity and wind speed/direction.

Unlike other devices like Wahoo’s Elemnt Bolt or Garmin’s Fenix 5 that plot weather data post-ride, the Klimat app is designed to give cyclists basic weather information at a glance on their smartphone. Moreover, the app allows what information the cyclist wants to see, along with the ability edit the text on Strava after it’s been uploaded.

Unfortunately, the Klimat app won’t currently sync data directly to a cyclist’s historic activities, but information such as time of year, month and location can be easily added to the title afterwards.

Cyclists can also edit old activities to include said information. 

The Klimat app is available in both a free and a premium version, which costs $5.00 per year.

The paid version gives cyclists advanced features like weather conditions from the end of their ride, additional data fields, removal of branding from the description and more. 

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