- - KMC Puts the "Bling" in with Colored Bike Chains

KMC Puts the “Bling” in with Colored Bike Chains


Fashion Week can be every week, for a cyclist who has a KMC colored chain on their bike. 

Fashion conscience cyclists are notorious for coordinating all aspects of their kits and bikes, to include far reaching accessories such as matching valve stem caps.

So, why not a groovy colored chain? KMC obviously thinks so.

Compatible with virtually every groupset, ranging from 5 to 11 speed, KMC offers a range of anodized colored chains, that would satisfy even Vincent Van Gogh.

Precision machined with nickel plating, KMC says their chains are both lighter and longer-lasting, than any other product out there. And, with their Missing-Link technology, any of their chains can be easily altered in terms of length, or removed for fast cleaning.


Rumor has it, the Kardashians have them on bikes. They just don’t ride them often though. 

KMC Chain

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