- - Lake Goes Retro with CX1 Range of Lace-Up Cycling Shoes

Lake Goes Retro with CX1 Range of Lace-Up Cycling Shoes

If you’re the type of cyclist who finds him or herself constantly lost in reverie about the Golden Era of cycling, Lake has launched a new retro range of cycling shoes called the CX1 and CX1 Carbon, which certainly hark back to the days when luminaries in the sport like Eddy Merckx, Raymond Poulidor and Joop Zoetemelk laced-up their shoes, not buckled them.

To keep costs down, the CX1 uses a fiberglass injected nylon sole, along with Lake’s perforated Action leather rather than the brand’s pricier Kangaroo leather, whereas the CX1 Carbon features a full carbon fiber sole.

The difference in sole construction aside, both models offer the same lace-up design and three-hole cleat set-up, with sizes ranging from 37 to 50.

The CX1 retails for $134.99 and is available in Black/Blue and Black/White, while the CX1 Carbon sells for considerably more at $199..99. But as mentioned, it comes with a full carbon sole, as well as a choice of five colors. 




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