- - LAYER X NIO Pal Concept Electric Scooter

LAYER X NIO Pal Concept Electric Scooter

If there’s one thing that cyclists fear more than cars, it’s scooters. Yet, despite a push from urban planners to limit their use in some cities, the electric scooter is becoming more and more prolific as a means of micromobility.

The London-based design firm Layer recently partnered with the Chinese tech company NIO to develop the LAYER X NIO Pal smart e-scooter, which they hope to see under the feet of city-dwellers as a viable means of portable transportation to transverse the urban landscape on. 

The LAYER X NIO Pal posses a range of innovative features like a “lean steering” system, which allows the user to control the speed and direction through body movement. For instance, by leaning forward speeds up the scooter, while leaning backward slows it down.

The LAYER X NIO Pal is both lightweight and strong, comprising a graphene-coated carbon fiber chassis and steering column. Moreover, it easily folds-up to occupy minimal space, making transportation and storage easy and convenient. Moreover, the battery is also easy to charge, which can be done any place where there’s an outlet, including a car.

Perhaps, the most interesting feature about the LAYER X NIO Pal is its AI capabilities, wherein a built-in learning system called NOMI is designed to adapt to the user’s preferences. For example, NOMI can learn the user’s routes and ultimately become autonomous, as well as follow voice commands via a wireless Bluetooth earpiece.


Versatility is also a key aspect of the LAYER X NIO Pal, offering a range of accessories including bag and basket attachments, as well as a shopping cart accessory, which easily attach to an electromagnetic panel located on the scooter’s steering column.

The news about the LAYER X NIO Pal, is both good and better. Good that it’s a sign that sustainable forms of micromobolity are on the rise, and better because at least this scooter has four-wheels, giving the user better balance and control when sharing the roadway with cyclists. 




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