- - Lightweight Unveils New KOMPAKTBÜGE Handlebar

Lightweight Unveils New KOMPAKTBÜGE Handlebar

photo credits @ Lightweight 

The Uber lords of carbon fiber, Lightweight, unveiled a new compact carbon handlebar, that as usual, comes with a name attached to it that no one can pronounce – called the KOMPAKTBÜGE. 😉  

The new KOMPAKTBÜGEL is quite a departure from Lightweights’s standard handlebar, whereby it features a flat top section that extends throughout it’s 31.8mm clamp area. 

Furthermore, one can glean from the images, that the flat section transitions to ovalized, shallow drops, which provided a stout 75mm of reach, along with a shortened drop of 123mm. 

KOMPAKTBÜGEL is available in sizes 40, 42, and 44cm widths, with claimed weights of 192g, 196g, and 200g respectively.

The finish is Lightweight’s customary matte black with white logos. 

No word on pricing from Lightweight so far, but expect to plop down some serious Deutsche marks, as nothing comes cheap by way of the German brand. 

From Lightweight

Comfort – Speed – Precision. The only choice!

Road bike riding is your way of life: speed, motion, sport, lifestyle. Your bike is your racing machine, training partner, and a thing of beauty all in one. It should be customized to your unique dimensions – fit you like a glove. Maximizing your performance is your top priority. Ergonomics is essential – which is precisely why Lightweight developed its KOMPAKTBÜGEL. The flattened oval top section offers a comfortable gripping surface. The reach and drop are designed for ergonomic transitions and natural grip positions. Constructed with state-of-the-art high-modular carbon fiber, it weights a mere 196 g in medium size. Light enough so that you don’t have to move too much inert mass, and stiff enough to accurately transmit all your steering movements to the front wheel without causing fatigue, even on long rides. KOMPAKTBÜGEL features smart carbon weaving for ultimate riding comfort, zero micro-vibrations, and a range of sizes to fit your body type. KOMPAKTBÜGEL is even the perfect base handlebar for your triathlon bike, with a rounded clamping area specifically designed to accommodate aero bars. And we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll like the classic black matte finish with the white logos.

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