- - LITELOK Ups the Anti-Theft Ante with New X1 and X3 U-Locks

LITELOK Ups the Anti-Theft Ante with New X1 and X3 U-Locks

LITELOK has upped the anti-theft ante with its latest X1 and X3 U-Locks, offering 5 to 15 times greater protection against angle grinders thanks to their Barronium composite construction.

Barronium is a fused composite armour that offers unparalleled angle grinder resistance without adding extra weight. It is a super hard ceramic composite material that repels angle grinder attacks and turns the grinder’s energy and force in on itself. Continuous cutting wears down the grinder discs, batteries and ultimately the grinder motor itself.

“We’re incredibly excited to have reimagined the popular D-lock format with innovative design features and our own technology Barronium, which provides the ultimate in anti-angle grinder resistance. The range was put through extensive tests, breaking discs and grinders in the process. It’s light, secure and incredibly strong. I believe it’s a gamechanger and unlike anything else on the market,” says LITELOK Founder & CEO, Professor Neil Barron.

The X1 U-Lock features an ART4-certified lock mechanism, while the X3 offers more protection courtesy of a heavier-duty Abloy Sentry lock.

Both locks are equipped with a Twist+Go mounting bracket, and carry the Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond certified. Litelok also partnered with Restrap to make a lock holster available separately as well.

The X1 sells for £150, while the X3 costs £280.

The X1 is available for purchase now, while the X3 will go on sale in November.



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