- - LOOK Cycle Unveils New T20 Time Trial/Track Bike

LOOK Cycle Unveils New T20 Time Trial/Track Bike

LOOK Cycle has unveiled its latest time trial/track bike ahead of this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games called the T20, boasting a significant increase in stiffness to the areas of the bottom bracket, rear triangle and headtube, as well as a vast improvement in drag reduction, revamped geometry and an astonishing weight reduction of 880 grams over its predecessor the R96.

  • Bottom Bracket 25% stiffer than R96
  • Rear triangle 12,5% stiffer than R96
  • Head tube 12% stiffer than R96
  • Supports Riders up to 220 pounds (100kg)

According to the vaunted French brand, the T20 was developed using extensive wind tunnel testing and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, resulting in an unprecedented savings in power output wattage. 

  • 11% reduction in drag
  • 10% lighter than its predecessor
  • The T20 brings 27% increase in power transfer thanks to the improved stiffness to weight ratio
  • At full speed on the track, athletes will gain 30 Watts, a full bike-length on the finish line for the 200m sprint

There are two versions of the T20 offered, the Speed that features a traditional drop handlebar and the TT, which comes equipped with LOOK’s Aeroflat handlebar and Aergo extensions.

Additionally, both framesets are sold as a module, which include LOOK’s ZED crankset, its Aeropost Track seatpost and Track carbon stem that’s available in 5mm increments from 55mm to 140mm.

The T20 is available in four sizes, and sells for €7,499.00, with pricing for the US market to be announced.

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