- - LOOK Debuts New 795 Blade RS and 796 Monoblade RS Road and Time Trial Bikes

LOOK Debuts New 795 Blade RS and 796 Monoblade RS Road and Time Trial Bikes

LOOK is debuting its latest bikes ahead of next month’s Tour de France, drawing on valuable input from Team Cofidis to revamp its 795 Blade RS road bike and 796 Monoblade RS time trial bike, relying on a revised carbon lay-up process to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics, while also enhancing strength.

“We are thrilled to unveil the new 795 Blade RS and 796 Monoblade RS, products of our close collaboration with the Cofidis World Tour Team. These cutting-edge bicycles embody the pinnacle of innovation and performance, resulting from the expertise and insights gained from our partnership with professional cyclists. The 795 Blade RS and 796 Monoblade RS are meticulously engineered to excel in the most demanding racing conditions, providing an unparalleled experience for both Cofidis team riders and passionate cyclists worldwide. With their exceptional aerodynamics, lightweight design, and state-of-the-art technology, these bikes represent our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cycling. We are confident that the 795 Blade RS and 796 Monoblade RS will empower athletes to reach new heights and redefine the standards of speed and performance in the world of cycling,” boasts Pierre Jean Martin, CTO at LOOK Cycle.

795 Blade RS

According to LOOK, the new reversion of the 795 Blade RS frame is a claimed 7% stiffer and 10% more aerodynamic than the previous model with, focussing on key areas such as the seat stays, bottle cage positions, seat post, seat post clamp, top tube and forks to increase its aerodynamic signature. In addition, the bike is treated to a new integrated cockpit that features a separate bar and stem in order to simplify changing out components.

In all, LOOK says the new 795 Blade RS tips the scales at a claimed 15.4 pounds (7.0kg) in a size medium that’s fitted with a Dura-Ace groupset, power meter pedals, bottle cages and Corima MCC EVO 32 tubular wheels.

“The new LOOK 795 Blade RS that we have the privilege of using this season is simply exceptional. We had extensive discussions with LOOK’s R&D department and Corima prior to the season to obtain the best possible bike. This bike is fast, and not only does it go fast, but it also maintains a constant speed, which is crucial. Furthermore, it performs flawlessly on any terrain, thanks to its extreme precision in handling and perfect aerodynamics. We are truly delighted to ride with such cutting-edge technology,” says Simon Gescke, Pro Rider, Team Cofidis.

796 Monoblade RS

Targeting pure speed and aerodynamics, LOOK says the new 796 Monoblade RS also sees a lighter and stiffer frame than the previous model, relying on high-modulus carbon fiber and a T47 bottom bracket to shave weight and bolster rigidity, while considerable attention was paid to streamlining the aerodynamic profile of important areas of the frame.

Additionally, the bike’s wind cheating capabilities were further improved courtesy of LOOK’s new Aeroflat 400mm base bar with integrated cable routing, as well as the new Aergo carbon fibre bar extensions with up to 20 degrees of adjustment. Moreover, the seatpost has also been updated, which features a better aerodynamic profile, along with a reversible head and an integrated clamp.

“I had the opportunity to work with Look Cycle’s R&D department and test the 796 Monoblade RS early in the offseason. My recent victory in the 4-day Dunkerque TT attests to it: this bike is exceptionally lightweight and fast for a time trial bike. What excited me the most was its rigidity, responsiveness in accelerations, and meticulously developed aerodynamics for high-speed riding. The handlebar setup has been optimized to provide a smooth and effortless riding experience, truly making it a perfect time trial bike,” points out Benjamin Thomas, Pro Rider, Team Cofidis.

Depending on the build, pricing for the 795 Blade RS starts at $9,000, while the 796 Monoblade RS frameset fetches $7,800.







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