- - LOOK KEO Blade Carbon Pedal Gets Bigger and Lighter for 2018

LOOK KEO Blade Carbon Pedal Gets Bigger and Lighter for 2018

The fact that there are only so many brands that occupy the bike pedal segment, you might think a major player like LOOK would try and rest on its laurels. En aucune façon!

Instead, the French brand has taken its already super popular, lightweight KEO Blade Carbon, and given it both a wider platform, while also managing to trim-off even more weight for 2018.

According to LOOK, this year’s KEO Blade Carbon gets a wider 67mm contact surface, while its carbon fiber body has been streamlined for improve aerodynamic efficiency – with the titanium version weighing in at a mere 95g.  Moreover, the spindle has been reinforced to improve durability, while a revised end cap and seals provide 120% more waterproof capabilities.

The new KEO Blade Carbon does not allow the tension to be adjusted however. Therefore, users must choose between three levels of tension – 12,16 and 20.

The pedal will be available in two models, the range topping titanium spindle version, along with a slightly heavier and more cost effective chromoly. 

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Designed to win, the new KEO BLADE CARBON improves the experience associated with the use of blade technology in a clipless pedal. This new version is the result of experience gained during years of development in the heart of our manufacturing facility and to continual improvements made thanks to daily input from the greatest of champions.

Lightweight, aerodynamic, powerful, the new KEO BLADE CARBON has all the assets to allow you to improve and optimize your performance until victory is yours. It is for these reasons that KEO BLADE CARBON is the unanimous choice of many champions who have made it a weapon of choice in the conquest of their greatest achievements.

The KEO BLADE CARBON has the best weight / power ratio in its class.

Its new design completely integrates the blade for unrivaled aerodynamics. Equipped with a carbon body and blade, the Blade Carbon is available in a Ti version (titanium spindle) that weighs a mere 95g per pedal, or in a CrMo version (chromoly spindle) for a weight of 110g per pedal. It is available in three tension release levels: 12,16 and 20.


The spindle of the new CARBON BLADE has been completely redesigned. It is built around an oversized axle and spindle that pass through internal roller and needle bearings located directly under the pedal platform. This new construction allows a gain of approximately 2 to watts at 100 rpm.

The distance between the roller and needle bearings has been increased by 25%. This provides more rigidity along the entire length of the spindle, and as a consequence, improved power transmission.

Special attention has also been given to ensure that it is water resistant. Weather resistance has been improved by 120% for even more reliability and longevity. To accomplish this, the new spindle received an updated endplug with an o-ring washer and has also been equipped with an internal, double-lipped seal.

LOOK axles are only approved after a rotational test of 2 million cycles at 100 rpm with a load of 90 kg on the center of the pedal and an eccentric rotation (which creates stress on each revolution). This is equivalent to a sprint by André GREIPEL of 1700 watts at 100 rpm for 333 hours! This test is much more demanding than the current standard, the EN14781.


To meet the demands of the most demanding cyclists, especially competitors, the pedal-cleat system must allow efficient power transfer thanks to a broad and rigid platform.

The platform of the CARBON BLADE is fitted with a 67mm-wide stainless steel plate, optimizing the cleat/pedal contact areas, regardless of pedaling angle.

With 700 mm² of surface area, the CARBON BLADE offers an optimized contact platform for an efficiency and power transfer that is unmatched on today’s market.

Its weight / power ratio positions it well above the competition


Using a carbon body lightens the weight of the pedal and provides an additional gain in stiffness for improved power transfer.

BLADE technology is a major technical innovation in the history of the automatic pedal because of its many benefits:





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