- - "Look Mum No Hands" Unveils Women’s "Podium Pants" - Literally!

“Look Mum No Hands” Unveils Women’s “Podium Pants” – Literally!

We’re not sure if the UCI has a policy which prohibits “open and gross, lewd behavior” in its comprehensive list of rules, but the folks at London’s cycle cafe, Look Mum No Hands, has set-out to test the waters with its new range of Podium Pants for women.

According to LMNH, their podium pants (or undercrackers, as they like to call them) are fashioned after the famous Tour de France leaders’ jerseys, and are suitable for all manner of  “slender climbers, powerful sprinters or multi-talented race winners”.

Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the Podium Pants come with LMNH’s signature script ‘Look Mum No Hands!’ on the waistband, and to satisfy “gender equality”, they still offer them for men as well. 

You go Caitlyn, we mean Bruce!  

Is that a woman or man behind those balloons?



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