- - Mahle Introduces New X30 eBike System

Mahle Introduces New X30 eBike System

Mahle has introduced its latest X30 eBike system, touting it as “a new standard in lightweight e-bike systems”, which is built around a 1.9kg motor that produces 45Nm of torque.

Featuring a robust motor that’s been designed for both ease of use and ease of maintenance, the X30 System has been developed with the insights the Stuttgart, Germany-based manufacturer has gained from nine years as a specialist in lightweight e-bike solutions.

While the motor is new, the X30 System integrates seamlessly with existing X20 components and digital ecosystem, ensuring compatibility without compromise. This compatibility allows for smooth upgrades and access to advanced features, maintaining consistent reliability across the X Series.

As mentioned, the X30 is light but powerful, supplying 45Nm of torque and 250W of power, while the design of the rear hub drive allows for perfect system synergy because of the lower energy losses, increasing energy efficiency by 15% compared with an equivalent mid-drive, extending one’s trip in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, there are two available smart batteries: iX2 (237 Wh) and iX3 (350 Wh), but if more range is needed, an optional bottle-shaped 171 Wh range extender eX1 can be added.  

Additionally, the X30 allows brands to build up bikes with a PAS (pedal assist) sensor or cadence and torque sensor, creating different types of riding experiences. Mahle systems’ behavior can be customized in line with brand DNA and application – motor mapping means that bikes from different brands with the same Mahle system will have their own identity and ride characteristics. Also, the torque sensor allows the e-bike to accurately read each watt of power its rider applies, giving them the appropriate response thanks to AI and machine learning. The system learns from the rider and adapts to their needs and the environment at any given moment. It’s possible to track over 100 parameters in real-time via Mahle’s platforms thanks to ANT+ communication.

Lastly, the X30 benefits from a Mahe platform that’s rich in accessories – the best solution to enhance an e-bike, increasing its performance and making it even smarter. Moreover, the customization options are almost limitless. The new head unit is at the center of intelligence and connectivity in Mahle SmartBike systems – it’s the front end of Mahle’s digital ecosystem which can also be accessed from a laptop, smartphone and Apple Watch. Plus, with Mahle’s My Smartbike app you can manage e-bike settings and data on the go: record activities and adjust settings directly through the app, connect with Strava to navigate routes, track rides and share journeys. Also, Apple Watch users can control the e-bike and manage settings with the Apple Watch app, start and end rides directly from the wrist, change assistance levels and monitor core metrics during the ride as well as monitor heart rate for performance tracking. There’s also the ability to view summaries and important metrics like battery status from an Apple Watch.

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