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Manual for Speed “Reach for the Dream”

Do you dream? Of course you do, who doesn’t? But how often do your dreams come true?

They’re just dreams after all. Have you ever thought, “Hey, I am sick and tired of my dreams just being dreams? I want these dreams to be a reality, but how could I possibly do it?” You have to want it, you have to understand it, and then you have to REACH FOR THE DREAM! And we’re here to help. That’s right; you want to make that magical-rainbow-laser-unicorn-tropical-island-melting-clocks-brilliant-light-bouncing-off-of-the-floors-hyper-everything bike of your dreams a reality? We know how! With our proven process you can have that bike of your dreams, so join Manual for Speed as we walk you through the necessary steps to making all your dreams come true.

Beginning at 12:01 AM PDT, Tuesday March 24th, visit Manual For Speed Dream Contest to understand exactly what you need to do in order to Reach for the Dream.

Making your dream a reality also means making sure are the details are right. So Manual for Speed dreamed up and created a couple of dreamy items that you can add to your own dream cycle.

•Custom Steam Caps and Bar Plugs designed and created by Mike Cherney
•Custom Bartape designed by Dan Funderburgh
•Custom Saddles by Fizik

These will be available in very limited quantities from the Manual for Speed Shop. You know how that works!

Manual for Speed would like to thank Argonaut Cycles and The Vanillla Workshop for making our dreams possible. Because why would you settle for a pre-fabricated dream when you can ride your own?|

We would also like to thank our additional sponsors who helped to contribute to our dream:

•Chirs King
•Vittoria Tires

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