- - Mario Cipollini Responds to Helmet Safety Critics by Going "Full Monty"

Mario Cipollini Responds to Helmet Safety Critics by Going “Full Monty”


There are few characters in cycling world who are more liked than the gregarious than Mario Cipollini.

But, as popular as Cipo might be, he’s not immune to public criticism, especially when it comes in the wake as something as controversial as helmet safety.

According to reports, several individuals have hit out at Cipollini using social media, chastising him for not wearing a helmet while riding.

In response, the Lion King (one of the many names Cipollini has), mocked their criticisms by posting a image of himself on Facebook, riding “Full Monty” on a trainer, but of course donning a helmet.

The inscription on his Facebook page loosely translates into, “dedicated to all “Legal” that comment on my photos!
I put the helmet on the rollers, too! I am grateful to your advice about my protection!”



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