- - Materia Bikes Embraces Environmentally Responsible Bicycles

Materia Bikes Embraces Environmentally Responsible Bicycles

Materia Bikes’ ontology couldn’t be any more clear, “ours is a story of feelings, textures and a real thing. Touching the wood to feel the warmth of its body when curved in the streamline of the wheel, to feel a gentle woody leather scent, to feel the coolness of the bracing metallic touch. Do you remember your first bike ride? Each of us has his or her own story, as in the childhood it took us to the places where adventures were born. The feeling of freedom was given so that we could enjoy the moment. It took us to the place to meet the girl or boy from the class to lurk beneath the oak on a rainy afternoon and to stand closer to each other.
Wood and wheel. Wheel and wood. Wooden wheel. Out of the woods.

Indeed, crafted exclusively from wood, the stunning Materia bikes combine both high-end design and sustainable craftsmanship, which comprise only the finest walnut, ash, redwood and cherry woods that are tirelessly shaped from their raw state into a final work of perfection over a two week period. 

The current range breaks down into several models which include city, cruiser style, road and fixed-gear. Moreover, similar to how each tree has its own grain or fingerprint, each Materia bike is truly one-of-a-kind, as no two bikes posses exactly the same pattern of wood grain either.

Materia is hoping to fell the interests of cycling enthusiasts here in the USA, now that the Italian brand has begun exporting its bikes to these shores.   

You can learned more about Materia’s range of bike by visiting the company’s website here


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