- - Megmeister Launches Innovative 2-in-1 Pro 360 Jacket

Megmeister Launches Innovative 2-in-1 Pro 360 Jacket

Designed for ultimate versatility and performance, Megmeister has launched its latest 2-in-1 Pro 360 Jacket, featuring a fully waterproof and breathable top layer that easily transforms into a gilet at a moment’s notice.

Constructed from 3-layer SympaTex fabric, the 2-in-1 Pro 360 Jacket combines complete wind-proofing with breathability, keeping the rider warm and dry while regulating body temperature. However, should the mercury rise, the top sleeve layer can be quickly removed via two zippers and a velcro tag.

As straightforward as the 2-in-1 Pro 360 Jacket may seem, Megmeister spent no fewer than two years and 10 different prototypes in the development of the garment with the aim of creating the perfect outerwear for cyclists during the ever-changing conditions of the colder months.

“We worked hard to keep the jacket stowable, flexible and waterproof, designing a unique construction system that is effective and simple to use,” boasts Megmeister.

The 2-in-1 Pro 360 Jacket is available in four sizes and three stylish colors for men and two for women, which sells for $363.00.







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