- - MET Launches New "Drone" Time Trial/Triathlon Helmet

MET Launches New “Drone” Time Trial/Triathlon Helmet


Ways to “cheat the wind” aren’t just coming by way of bikes these days, hi-tech aero helmets are getting equal consideration as well.

The latest example of this, is MET’s new Drone helmet, which in addition to its “slipperiness”, comes with an innovative lens that relies upon magnetic clips to secure it in place.

While the details are still forthcoming, MET says the new Drone is the result of extensive wind-tunnel testing and development, which has yielded a significant reduction in turbulence and drag over previous models, thus saving cyclists watts during critical race applications.

To wit: “The MET Drone’s unique wide body, aerodynamic design directs the flow of air, greatly decreasing turbulence and drag, allowing for that precious increase in rider speed. The Drone does this with an added volume design on the helmet’s sides that guide air over the rider’s shoulders, a natural area of turbulence that creates wind resistance and drag. A system of internal air channels maximize cooling while guiding hot air away from your head without sacrificing aerodynamic function.”

“The Drone’s design advantages have been measured and rigorously wind tunnel tested against its
predecessor and competitor time trial helmets, which can save cyclists 10 watts at 50KM/H.” 

In addition, the Drone is equipped with MET’s Safe-T Advanced retention system, which provides contact points in key areas to create a larger cradle surface for increased comfort and better management of perspiration, as well as specially designed straps that further aid with sweat evaporation and improve aerodynamics by leaving the shell exterior free from edges that might disrupt airflow.



The Drone will be available in the two color choices shown, with further specs and pricing to be announced.




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