- - Moots Introduces New Groundswell Finish

Moots Introduces New Groundswell Finish

Unlike traditional wet paint or powder coating, Moots finishes aren’t just applied, they’re blasted and anodized directly onto the titanium frame. As a result, frames are treated to a seamless finish that embodies the Moots’s dedication to precision, quality and timeless aesthetics.  

The latest addition to Moots’ acclaimed finishing process is a new treatment called Groundswell, which comprises a combination of matte anodized techniques with touches of bright polished anodization to give an effect of movement, creating a sensation that the tube has an oval rectangle look to it as well. To wit:

  • Ground·swell(/ˈɡroun(d)ˌswel/)
    ​​ ​
    ​”A broad, deep undulation of the ocean caused by an often distant gale or seismic disturbance.”

The Groundswell finish is carried out in subtle matte grey and radiant rose-copper colors. To tie everything together, the stem carries the block logo in rose copper, while the seat post features Mr. Moots in the same hue. 

Groundswell is available on all Moots’ models with an MSRP of $825.



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