- - MOOTS Offers New "Frostbite" Finish

MOOTS Offers New “Frostbite” Finish

Since the 2016 transition away from frame decals, MOOTS has been dedicated to mastering a collection of durable and vibrant titanium finishes. Their current collection consists of 5 Premium Finishes, Signature Brushed and Etched Finishes, as well as a full palette of anodized color options.

Frostbite is inspired by the ice crystals found on the beautiful snow-covered slopes of the Yampa Valley’s surrounding landscape during winter’s cold, crisp mornings. This latest addition to the Signature Finish line is a mixture of Moots’ polished brushed finish, a collection of brilliant blue hues, and a sense of depth stemming from “textured” overlays – the first of its kind at MOOTS.

As a whole, the brushed and colored features come together to provide a sense of pristine winter crystals from right here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. And because of the hand-laid nature of these graphic highlights, no two Frostbite frames will be identical.





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