- - Muc-Off Launches New Crank Preload Ring

Muc-Off Launches New Crank Preload Ring

Muc-Off has launched its latest products called the Crank Preload Ring, which allows bike mechanics and mechanical savvy owners to apply set-force to the crank’s bottom bracket bearings in order to reduce “side-to-side” play in the axle spindle, thus reducing dreaded creaks and premature wearing.

“Stock preload rings are manufactured from plastic and utilize a self-tapping screw that when tightened, can snap the ring, and ruin the thread. It’s also not possible with the stock solution to precisely adjust the preload tension. For maximum drivetrain efficiency and to extend bearing life, using a more durable and adjustable preload ring is imperative,” warns Muc-Off.

Depending on the application, the Crank Preload bearing weighs in at a scant 8.2 to 12.7 grams, which is compatible on road, gravel and mountain bikes with 30mm spindle axles, including SRAM, Race Face and Easton, as well as SRAM DUB 28.99.

Muc-Off’s move into anodized CNC-machined aluminium parts over the past couple of years is a nod back to the company’s history with their original X-Lite brand. Back in 1991, Rex and Marilyn Trimnell began designing and manufacturing the world’s first twin crown fork and the world’s lightest bar ends, before moving into bike cleaning products. Muc-Off has been rediscovering its roots, complimenting their world-leading bike clean, maintain and protect ranges, with innovation-led bike tools and componentry that enhance both the rider experience and their performance.

The Crank Preload Ring retail for $39.99, which is available through authorized Muc-Off dealers, or directly from in twelve different colors. 


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