- - Muc-Off's Dry Shower is Now Available in the US

Muc-Off’s Dry Shower is Now Available in the US

Finally us yanks can get rid of the post-ride stank, now that Muc-Off has made its Dry Shower product available on these shores.

Dry Shower is an innovative antibacterial body wash designed for active people like cyclists who are on the move, providing the perfect way to freshen up without water. 

Specifically formulated to kill odor causing bacteria and germs with its gentle yet effective, coconut derived cleaning ingredients, Dry Shower is designed to leave cyclists feeling (and smelling) fresh and clean. Moreover, its formula is both free from Parabens and Formaldehyde.

Dry Shower is simple to use thanks to its specially developed foam that rubs into the skin, which can be left to dry or wiped-off with a towel with no water required.

Lastly, Dry Shower is suitable for Vegans and is cruelty free. However, tattoos and body-piercings are not included. 😉 





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