- - Muc-Off Offers a Range of New Bicycle Care Products

Muc-Off Offers a Range of New Bicycle Care Products

Muc-Off has launched some new bicycle care products aimed at keeping one’s coveted two-wheeler clean and protected. And, since the sun only shines about 15 days a year in the UK :roll:, there’s no one better than the Brits to develop these kinds of products. 

The Waterless Wash is an advanced, spray which cleans and polishes without the need for water.

Developed to clean in seconds and leave a streak-free shine, this non-sticky, powder free, multi-use formula reduces water usage and cleans surfaces in seconds. The innovative formula is designed to encapsulate any surface dirt and grime, which can simply be wiped away using a microfiber cloth without the risk of scratching.

Sick of leaky tubeless valves?

Muc-Off’s premium tubeless valves answer the hassle of finding your tire flat every time you go to ride. The 6061 Aluminum machined valves have an alloy cap and a  4mm Allen Key fitting at the base for easy installation / removal.

They include a spare cap with valve core remover and three different grommets for a snug fit in a variety of rims, and they’re available in 8 colors to coordinate with any bike.

Protect your brakes during travel and heavy cleaning with Muc-Off’s Rotor Covers.

Bikes going places on the back of cars are susceptible to brake contamination from road grime, and even the most judicious application of spray cleaners and lubes can affect brake performance.

Cover your brakes when your bike in on the go or in the cleaning stand for maximum power and modulation, and save yourself from having to buy new rotors or pads due to contamination. Just don’t stare at them too long if the wheel is spinning!

You can see all of these products by visiting Muc-Off’s webstore in the USA  here.


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