- - Nalini's Aeprolight LS Skinsuit

Nalini’s Aeprolight LS Skinsuit


This might very well be the closest thing a cyclist may come to a “wingsuit”, and given the number of casuals associated with the jumps themselves, that’s probably a good thing.

Nalini is touting its new Aeprolight skinsuit as the “ultimate weapon when you need to be aerodynamic.”

After years of development, Nalini crafted the Aeprolight using five different aerodynamic fabrics, to include aerodynamic channels along the sleeves, to further cheat the wind.

While the Aeprolight is essentially design for time trialing, there’s a segment of tradition “roadies” and cyclocross racers who prefer the one-piece design. The only potential drawback with it, is the pad is positioned slightly more forward in order to accommodate the prone position associated with racing against the clock.

Fortunately however, unlike a wingsuit, a wardrobe malfunction with the Aeprolight, will likely only result is a few lost watts.  🙂 


  • Aggressive Race-Cut Design
  • Compression material used to stimulate muscles
  • Aerodynamic ribbing to streamline airflow
  • Excellent moisture management for hot days
  • Five different materials used throughout the suit for aerodynamics and comfort
  • Elastic leg hems
  • UV protection

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