- - Necksound: A Safer Way for Cyclists to Listen to Music

Necksound: A Safer Way for Cyclists to Listen to Music


It is increasingly common to see people walk or do sports with their headphones on, listening to music or talking on the phone, completely isolating themselves from external stimuli. Music and mobile phones generate distractions because we may not hear, for example, a car approaching or someone passing by. Cyclists undervalue in most cases, the fact that these practices put at risk the lives of others and even their own.

This is exactly what happened to Alvaro Morillo, CEO of the Spanish startup Necksound a couple years ago when he went out for a ride as part of his daily routine. As always he was listening to music through his headphones, so focused that he didn’t hear a car approaching. Fortunately the driver of the car was able to stop quickly and avoided a potentially tragic situation. After taking stock, Alvaro kept on riding, but he decided to remove his headphones and place them around his neck. At that moment he realized that he could listen to music without being isolated from the world around him. That sense of security, combined with the convenience of not having anything pressing against his ears led him to rethink how people listen to music while participating in any type of physical activity. Thus, Necksound was born.

This wearable has a modern and sporty design that provides top quality sound, comfort and freedom. Listen to music or talk on the phone while practicing any type of physical activity wirelessly or without headphones. Running, skating, cycling to work or driving safely while answering phone calls. Necksound is the perfect wearable to enjoy great stereo sound without compromising your situational awareness.


Unlike other conventional headphones and hands-free devices, Necksound offers a different, safer and functional alternative, becoming the only device that combines security, technology and design.

The ergonomic, intuitive and functional design is one of its main differential values. Its attachment system by magnets fixes Necksound to the t-shirt which stops the device from bouncing around when practicing any kind of sport, especially those that require extreme movements. Necksound, suitable for any physiognomy thanks to its adjustable fastening, is coated with hypoallergenic silicone ensuring user convenience and comfort, as it is a lightweight, malleable and both dust and sweat resistant.

Its cutting edge technology includes speakers designed to direct high quality sound to the ears that allows you to enjoy a premium surround sound and maintains the privacy of the experience without blocking your ears, having the volume too high or disturbing people around you. Although, if you prefer complete privacy or practice any kind of physical activity indoors, this smart wireless necklace features the option of connecting headphones.


Necksound is the only device of its kind that incorporates a stand-alone player with 4GB internal memory that allows the storage of more than 1000 songs. Also, you can synchronize via Bluetooth up to three different devices sharing your music with friends or creating playlists to listen all together while exercising.

In addition to revolutionizing the way to listen to music and experience sports, this smart wireless wearable necklace complies with Spanish road safety legislation and traffic regulations. Most current devices require earbuds, which often block out background noise and isolate from the outside. Necksound helps prevent accidents while riding as it allows listening to music without blocking the ears and answering or rejecting phone calls with the touch of a button.

Spanish startup Necksound has achieved 100% of its campaign goal on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in just 4 days. Achieving this goal ensures the campaign backers the mass production of Necksound.

However, despite having achieved the goal, the company wants to continue to raise funds to increase the number of the available options for its backers, offering more colors and even the development of a mobile App.

You can learn more at Necksound.

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