- - Need Help Tackling Pain with Your "Tackle"? The Aeroelastic AE Saddle is Designed to Help

Need Help Tackling Pain with Your “Tackle”? The Aeroelastic AE Saddle is Designed to Help

There’s nothing worse than saddle pain. So, if you need help tackling discomfort with your “tackle”, Aeroelastic says its AE saddle can help. 

Firstly, what is aeroelasticity?

Aeroelasticity or, more broadly, fluid-structure interactions, is the study of the coupling between inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces experienced by an elastic body when exposed to a fluid flow. With the ever-increasing pursuit of lower weight and energy efficiency, aeroelasticity has become an integral component of any aerospace engineering design. Although historically, research has focused on aerospace applications, more recent research efforts have involved wind energy, energy harvesting, and biological fluid-structure interactions. A growing area of research in aeroelasticity involves developing reduced-order models for nonlinear phenomena in transonic and hypersonic flight, and multidisciplinary design optimization.

Here, Aeroelastic applies the science to its AE saddle, which features an almost brutalist-like design given its bold foam padding combined with a minimalist nose section that dips well below the rear portion of the saddle. According to Aeroelastic, the layout is designed to protect the prostrate from excessive pressure.

“The human crotch (Where the perineum, blood vessels and nerves all converge) is not meant to support body weight. If you are riding for hours at a time, urethritis and nerve damage may occur. The prostate’s location at the center of the groin places this sensitive gland on the peak of a narrow conventional bicycle saddle. Prolonged pressure on the gland can cause inflammation which shows unusually high levels of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in the blood. High PSA levels sometimes signal prostate cancer. Especially slim bike seats can compress the nerves and blood vessels in the genital area. In men, this raises the risk of urethral obstruction and erectile dysfunction,” explains Aeroelastic. 

Tipping the scales at a hefty 398 grams, the AE saddle won’t win any plaudits from the weight weenies faction. But, given its generous 198mm x 265.8mm wide platform and copious amounts of padding, you may just get a thumbs up from your “tackle” and urologist.   





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