- - New "Apocalypse" E-Bike Designed to Pair with Tesla's Cybertruck

New “Apocalypse” E-Bike Designed to Pair with Tesla’s Cybertruck

The French-Russia brand, RLE Bike, has developed a new lightweight e-bike called the Apocalypse that’s designed to pair with Tesla’s stainless-steel clad Cybertruck.

According to RLE, the Apocalypse has been styled to match the aesthetics of the Cybertruck, complete with a similar custom air-brushed military-style finish. It also pays homage to another project from Tesla involving The Boring Company’s flamethrower. So, the Apocalypse also includes rack mounts for attaching the weapon and a handlebar-mounted remote to operate it.

Additionally, the Apocalypse features a mix of titanium and carbon parts that brings the weight down to a respectable 33 pounds (15 kg). Moreover, the bike can also be fitted with an optional fingerprint recognition system.

RLE says a pair of the bikes plus the Cybertruck charger will start at around $11,300 (10,000 euros) before options, with pre-orders starting in May.

As for the Cybertruck, Tesla began accepting pre-orders in November 2019, which according to the company’s founder, Elon Musk has, received a quarter million orders.

You can learn more about the Apocalypse website by visiting RLE’s website here.

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