- - New App "Movemint" is Designed to Organzine Endurance Events

New App “Movemint” is Designed to Organzine Endurance Events

Former Strava engineer, Zack Isaacs, has announced the launch of a new sports event app called Movemint, a revolutionary event management platform to empower race directors, timers and athletes by creating an easy-to-use event management platform that celebrates achievement, thus helping race directors boost registrations and organize better events.

“At our core, we believe that every event is so much bigger than race day; it’s a million details that need to go right and a shared journey of achievement. Whether we’re serving organizers trying to get more registrations, timers rushing to get participant data into their scoring systems, or athletes pursuing a personal best, Movemint recognizes and celebrates every detail. Organizing and finding great events is hard and we want to make it easier,” said Zack Isaacs, Co-Founder and CEO at Movemint.

Empowering race directors and timers with easy-to-use features

Movemint offers race directors and timers a comprehensive set of features to create, manage, and elevate athletic events. The platform supports both free and paid events, donations, Strava course maps, targeted email campaigns, scoring integrations for timers, and much more.

Optimized checkout, daily payouts, and transparent pricing

Movemint takes the hassle out of payments with an ultra-optimized checkout experience that’s seamlessly integrated with Stripe and supports more than 100 payment types. Movemint pays out event organizers daily by default so they don’t have to front all of their event setup costs. The platform is free for event organizers with no hidden fees and low, transparent pricing for registrations and merchandise.

Targeted communications platform to boost registrations

In addition to its comprehensive event management tools, Movemint features a flexible emailer and communications tool that allows race directors to design engaging emails with photos, embeds, and more. Advanced users can take full control by adding their own HTML for a customized touch. The platform also enables organizers to target specific audiences, so you can send emails to participants from previous years who haven’t yet signed up this year.

For Media Inquiries and Additional Information, Contact: Zack Isaacs

For more information about Movemint and its innovative event management solutions, please visit

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