- - New App Muuvr Allows Cyclists to Earn Points Towards Equipment

New App Muuvr Allows Cyclists to Earn Points Towards Equipment

Cyclists can earn rewards from a number of leading brands by being active thanks to a new fitness platform called Muuvr.

Available for free on iOS and Android, the Muuvr app analyses users’ fitness activities and rewards them with ‘Muuvs’, which can be redeemed to buy sporting goods and services via a range of reward partners.

Users – called ‘Muuvrs’ – can connect the app to their favourite fitness tracking platforms including, Zwift, Apple Fitness and Fitbit, and to a wide range of devices from smartphones to bike computers and fitness watches, including Google, Garmin and Wahoo.

Available to cyclists, runners and triathletes, the amount of Muuvs earned is based on an algorithm that measures the time, distance and intensity of a workout. This is benchmarked against every user’s unique activity level. According to Muuv, this puts everyone’s earning potential on the same level regardless of age, gender or ability.

In addition to earning Muuvs to exchange for real-world items, Muuvrs can also be motivated by levelling up through career ranks with the activities they complete, unlocking in-app achievements.

Muuvrs can participate in challenges, join clubs, and compare their performance with others – with every effort counting towards rewards, no matter how big or small.

Muuvr notes that its main features can be broken down into nine key categories:

  1. Connect and capture: Track running, swimming and cycling activity data by connecting to fitness devices and platforms, including Google, Garmin, and Wahoo.
  2. Earn and reward: Earn Muuvs through activity and engagement – plus buy equipment and services from Muuvr brand partners.
  3. Level up: Earn EXP, move up through the ranks, and grow as an athlete.
  4. Compare and compete: Track times and compare results with personal performances or other members of the Muuvr community.
  5. Join the community: Join a club or start a new one, arrange meetups and incentivize friends.
  6. Take up the challenge: Join Muuvrs around the world in challenges that add to a digital trophy cabinet, plus create new challenges to motivate others.
  7. Share and Connect: Share experiences, results, activities and stories with Muuvr teammates and beyond.
  8. Personalize a digital avatar: Create a Muuvr avatar as the digital representation of an athlete’s active self, to virtually wear achievements and rewards.
  9. Control personal data: Athletes can control who can view, access and monetise their activity data using Muuvr’s proprietary De-Fit technology.

At the time of launch, Muuvr partners include mass participation events organisers Limelight Sports and Challenge Family, plus sports apparel brand HUUB. More brand partners are due to be added to the platform, giving Muuvrs a wide choice of sports goods and services to redeem.

Michael Hartweg, Co-Founder and CEO at Muuvr, said: “Launching Muuvr is a proud moment for us as it underscores our commitment to bridging the gap between brands, sports events and athletes by leveraging the most modern technology.

“In today’s fast-paced world, staying active is more crucial than ever, and Muuvr is here to make it enjoyable and rewarding. We invite brands to join us on this incredible journey as we motivate, support, and celebrate the vibrant community of athletes who strive for a healthier, more active lifestyle.”

Matt Holden, Partnership Lead at Muuvr, said “This launch signifies a new era of collaboration within the endurance sports community. Muuvr isn’t just a product; it’s an opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences in ways they’ve never imagined.

“As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite brands to join us in shaping the future of fitness engagement. Together, we will inspire healthier, more connected, and more active lives.”

James Vickers, CMO at Muuvr, previously of RGT Cycling, Wahoo and Wattbike, said “Muuvr is a first in the endurance sports industry.

“It’s like the Airmiles of the fitness world, but with a twist. Our app transforms physical activity into valuable rewards, making every run, ride or swim feel like a rewarding journey.”





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