- - New Cycling Book: "From A To B – A Cartoon Guide To Getting Around By Bike"

New Cycling Book: “From A To B – A Cartoon Guide To Getting Around By Bike”

The follow up to The Cycling Cartoonist by Dave Walker, From A To B – A Cartoon Guide To Getting Around By Bike has a bit of a different slant.

Walker describes his new book as “a manifesto for pedal-powered transport, as it contains all the things I really wanted to say about riding a bike.  This is not so much about the sport side of cycling, but more about riding a bike as an everyday means of getting around, and all the joys and challenges that involves. Some of the topics covered: How to get started and choose a bike, staying safe, the problem of traffic, good and bad cycling infrastructure, responses to objections about cycling, going on adventures, and even a bit about how cycling can change the world.”

According two Walker, this is all communicated through cartoons, drawn in his usual style, featuring a mixture of comedy and useful information, while a vast majority of the drawings are new material, most of which were drawn during lockdown in 2020.

“I really hope you enjoy it. It’s a book for anyone who rides a bike, and especially those who’d like to see more people doing so. My cartoon manifesto for pedal-powered transport is a mixture of comedic insights and actually useful information, for everyone from beginners to seasoned cycling campaigners,” says Walker.

Inside readers will find over 100 full-page cartoons that cast an affectionate eye over the delights and challenges of cycling: from everyday commuting to cycling adventures, and everything in between.

“Pure joy. Happy, generous, funny, kind, wise and full of fresh air. An absolutely wonderful book.” – Jeremy Vine

“A glorious celebration of the wonder and absurdity of cycling” – Ned Boulting

“Dave combines artistic ability with insight to show just why a picture is worth a thousand words. Engaging, entertaining and enlightening without relying on text is a rare ability.” – Chris Boardman

Topics addressed include:

  • Motivational sentiments for riding up hills
  • Ways to keep your saddle dry in the rain
  • Things you could carry on a cargo bike
  • A traffic report for the National Cycle Network

Publication in the USA is 7 September. Pre-order on US Amazon site:


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