- - New Cycling Book: "The Cycling Chef On the Go" by Alan Murchison

New Cycling Book: “The Cycling Chef On the Go” by Alan Murchison

“If you’re hungry, it’s too late” is the cyclists’ mantra to avoid hitting the wall with an all-consuming loss of energy. To professional peloton, club riders and weekend peddlers alike, portable foods are as essential as a pump and a spare tube.

Armed with a host of simple-to-prepare, savory and sweet recipes, Alan Murchison creates a range of on-the-go snacks, unique dishes and smoothies to enable riders to ditch the processed energy bars, sugary drinks and takeaways, and enjoy real food full of flavor.

On-the-go food must be appealing enough to encourage snacking when appetites are blunted and robust enough to withstand being grabbed from a musette. These energy-boosting recipes – including mouth-watering snacks such as Pressed Parmesan and Rosemary Polenta and Bakewell Balls – restore strength and are downright delicious. And instead of impatiently raiding the fridge after a hard day on the saddle, his post-ride refueling suggestions offer irresistible protein-rich recovery alternatives.

As a respected cyclist and pro-cycling team nutritionist, Alan has road-tested his own recipes and cooked them for elite cyclists. This book of portable, practical, performance food means that whatever your level you will always have energy to the end.

Recipes include:

– “Full English” frittatas
– Chocolatey cardamom protein muffins
– White chocolate miso blondies
– Frozen yogurt protein berries bites
– Banana peanut popsicles
– “Full gas” lassi
– Last legs espresso brownie
– Sweet potato “tattie scones”

Alan Murchison is a Michelin-starred chef with over 25 years of experience working in some of the world’s top restaurants. He is also a multiple World and European age group duathlon champion, national-level master’s cyclist and ex-international endurance runner. Alan is a nutritionist for British Cycling and provides bespoke nutritional support for a range of athletes. @performancechef


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