- - Officina Battaglin Adds Disc Brake Option to Power+ Frameset

Officina Battaglin Adds Disc Brake Option to Power+ Frameset

The Battaglin name needs no introduction when it comes to the topic of cycling legends or artisan framebuidling. And, while heritage is a term that greatly underscores the Battaglin badge, progress is another word that punctuates the Italian marque as well. 

For instance, Battaglin is not only keen to capitalize on the next-generation of materials to craft their frames from such as Columbus Spirit HSS triple butted steel tubing, but viable trends like hydraulic disc brakes are also given equal importance.

Thus has been created, the Power+ Disc frameset, complete with provisions for flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes and front and rear 142x12mm thru-axles. 

The frameset itself, is constructed using the precise art of fillet brazing, wherein each tube is carefully mitered to spec and joined by intricately layering melted steel at each junction at a temperature lower than the melting point of steel.

From there, the joints are filed and sculpted to form an almost seamless transition between each tube. 

Additionally, unlike lugged steel frames, fillet brazing allows for a greater range of custom geometry, to include sloping geometry.

Therefore, each Power+ Disc frameset is made to order using either Battaglin’s race-proven standard geometry, or custom geometry based on the client’s requirements.

Battaglin prefers to work directly with each customer, or by arrangement with only the most exclusive agents.

You can learn more about the Power+ Disc by visiting Battaglin’s website here.


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