- - Old Meets New with the Lámpago Electric Trike

Old Meets New with the Lámpago Electric Trike

Ok, so the latest electric trike from Lámpago lacks pedals, but it’s still a great examaple of an innovative urban mobility solution that combines nostalgic looks with modern technology, creating an old meets new effect.

Inspired by the Spanish word for lightning, the Lámpago e-trike is the creation of Turkish designers Yavuz Cinkaya, Osman Colcak and Selen Sarkaya, a stylish two-seater that combines modern features and digital systems in a handcrafted vintage style, offering a sleek, eco-friendly jitney for city-dwellers.

Indeed, the retro outer body and fabric padding of the Lámpago e-trike are complemented by modern appointments such as a digital thermos, a digital display and LED headlights, while handsome alloy wheels powered by a robust 1000W motor coupled to 60V/30Ah Lithium battery can tranpsort up to 200 kg of cargo for a range of 40 to 70 kilometers on a full charge.

The Lámpago e-trike is available in a choice of body color and fabric options from Turkey’s Jura Store, while the company has plans to export its product further afield, with pricing for the US market expected to be around $11,00.00.  





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