- - The Oregon Timber Trail to Open 650 Miles of Cycling for 2017

The Oregon Timber Trail to Open 650 Miles of Cycling for 2017


Gravel grinders, enduro-ites and MTB-ers will rejoice knowing that no fewer than 650 miles of both paved and unpaved roads will form a cycling trail that will stretch clear across Oregon for 2017.


Thanks to the efforts of the Oregon Timber Trail Organization, cyclists will be able to explore some of Oregon’s most breathtaking green forests, high mountains, raging rivers, shimmering lakes and picturesque valleys all from the seat of their bike.

Inspired by the Pacific Crest Trail, the Oregon Outback, the Great Divide Route, as well as a number of thru-trails in National Scenic Trail system,  the Oregon Timber Trail will consist of four tiers, encompassing the Fremont, Willamette, Deschutes and Hood trails, which on average can take cyclists up to 25 days to cross. 


The Oregon Timber Trail is scheduled to open in the Winter of 2017.

You can learn more about the Oregon Timber Trail here.





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