- - Partington Rolls Out Super Lightweight MKII R-Series Disc Brake Wheelset

Partington Rolls Out Super Lightweight MKII R-Series Disc Brake Wheelset

Partington has rolled out its latest super, lightweight disc brake wheelset dubbed the MKII R-Series, tipping the scales at a gravity-defying 1,160 grams.

From its humble beginnings when Jon Partington began prototyping innovative carbon wheels from a small garage in Torquay, Australia, before migrating to the Carbon Nexus research facility at Deakin University in Geelong, Australia, the boutique Australian brand has been fast-at-work perfecting its technology, with the MKII R-Series representing the culmination of Partington’s know-how.

Utilizing a hooked rim construction with staggered profiles of 39mm and 44mm, the MKII R-Series weighs in at 530 grams for the front and 630 grams for the rear, while spinning on Partington’s proprietary carbon hubs that are laced with 20 asymmetric bladed carbon fiber spokes. Moreover, the rim construction also features a low-density, aerospace-grade foam core that Partington claims helps enhances stiffness.

“Our wheels are designed as an integrated system, with all components designed to work together and optimize the performance of the wheel. Riding on a set of MKII R Series wheels reveal just how genuinely transformative they are. Other wheels ask you to accept trade-offs: stiffness for comfort, or weight for cornering performance. With the MKII R-Series, we’ve managed to unify all these aspects for a ride like no other,” boasts Partington. 

Elsewhere, the hubs incorporate a discrete bearing design that Partington refers to as Dynamic Bearing Architecture tech, which was developed in partnership with CeramicSpeed that’s currently compatible with Shimano and SRAM groupsets. 

The MKII R-Series wheelset is available to pre-order from Partington, or through select dealers for $5989.




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