- - Paxxter eTrailer Helps Lighten the Load

Paxxter eTrailer Helps Lighten the Load

Need to lighten your load when traversing the cityscape? Look no further than Paxxter’s new eTrailer, which makes hauling cargo easier thanks to 125-W electric motors that are placed at each wheel. 

At the center of the system, is a sensor that’s mounted to the bike’s crankset. From there, the sensor communicates with the trailer’s control system, providing payload support up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) across three power levels.

Additionally, LED status lights indicate the amount of charge remaining in the trailer’s 180-Wh removable battery, while customers can also opt for a range-extender battery as well. 

According to Paxxter, the trailer can be used with or without the lockable, waterproof aluminum transport box, which features a handy kickstand when parked. Moreover, the trailer itself can be packed away within the storage box when not in use.

Offer in two guises, the 156-liter version sells for €3,299.90 (about US$3,500), while the 239-liter version fetches €3,399.90.

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