- - Pender Offers New Hydraulic Hoist for Lifting eBikes onto Roof Racks

Pender Offers New Hydraulic Hoist for Lifting eBikes onto Roof Racks

While eBikes are gaining more and more traction in the urban mobility sector, given their size and weight, the act of hoisting them onto a roof rack can be a daunting task.

At last, the German startup Pender has made it easier with its roof-mounted hydraulic lift, which is designed to cradle the bike from the ground and hoist it onto a roof rack with minimal effort.

In contrast to other systems, the streamline Pender drops all the way down to bike level, requiring no manual lifting at all, while its clamped hook secures the bike with a separate load tube that attaches via a ratchet strap. From there, the user then swings the bike up to the roof rack with help from the integrated struts. Once the bike is in place, the arm locks in an upright position and telescopes down to drop the bike’s tires into the trays that are secured with straps.

Additionally, the Pender is able to handle bikes weighing up to 66 pounds, while also accommodating wheel sizes spanning 26 to 29 inches, as well as tires up to 3.9 inches wide and wheelbases that range between 35 and 51 inches. 

Also, the Pender is designed to mount to either side of the vehicle, allowing owners to carry two bikes.

Pender is offering its system for a preorder for $820, a price that’s not exactly cheap. But, considering that most eBikes cost thousands, not to mention the strain lifting puts on one’s body, it might be money well spent.  



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