- - Pininfarina Teases with New Electric Concept RV

Pininfarina Teases with New Electric Concept RV

Pininfarina is teasing with its latest electric concept RV called the “Electric Transformer House” (eTH), promising gravel cyclists and bikepackers alike the perfect ticket to explore the great expanse.

Working in partnership with AC Future, the fully electric eTH features expandable walls that convert into a spacious living area and a mobile workspace, as well as moveable side and rear walls that extend outwards, enabling the interior to grow up to 400 square feet, perfect for adventure cyclists who like to retreat back to being digital nomads when the day is done.

Naturally, sustainability played an important role when designing the eTH, which is fitted with retractable solar panels on the roof that can generate 25 kWh of “clean” energy, allowing the EV to stay off the grid for up to 7 days with the proper battery pack, while an “Atmospheric Water Generator” system collects the moisture in the air, resulting in a daily supply of up to 50 lt of clean water.

Additionally, the eTh is equipped with Starlink, providing internet access pretty much anywhere in the world.

According to AC Future’s founder Arthur Qin, “Our collaboration with Pininfarina on the Electric Transformer House is about designing a living space and reimagining the way people experience off-grid living. Given Pininfarina’s experience in product design across industries, Arthur Qin sees their partnership as a natural fit. ‘We are tapping into the growing enthusiasm for mobile lifestyles among all demographics, and our innovative approach is strategically positioned to provide a unique experience that aligns with the eco-conscious values of our customers.”

Pininfarina Vice President of Design Paolo Trevisan echoes Qin’s vision, saying, “We are so excited to collaborate with AC Future, a partner that shares our vision for innovation and commitment to creating a better and sustainable future. We believe in creating new experiences with the multidisciplinary approach that characterizes our design process. In this case, blending seamlessly how people live and move, creating a unique experience for a new lifestyle icon.”

It’s not clear if the project is destined for production, or merely an exercise in industrial, vehicle design, but hopefully, it portends the future for things to come in the RV segment.  

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