- - Pinion Unites Motor and Gearbox in New E-Drive System

Pinion Unites Motor and Gearbox in New E-Drive System

Pinion has developed a new eBike drive system dubbed the Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU), bringing the motor and gearshift together in one unit.

According to Pinion, by incorporating everything into one unit, the MGU can tell what gear the rider is in and the cadence they’re riding at, enabling the system to adjust the motor speed and select the perfect gear ratio accordingly.

“The MGU can shift precisely, reliably, instantaneously and depending on the setting, can even shift for you, ensuring you’re always be in the optimum gear. Plus, low maintenance is one of the points that makes our gearboxes popular with owners of touring bikes and commuter bikes. Just like its regular gearboxes, requiring little maintenance and only needing an internal oil change every 10,000 km,” boasts Pinion.

Additionally, Pinion designed its own hardware and software to control the MGU, feeding data via a series of patented internal sensors that continuously read the input torque, motor speed and other metrics to ensure a natural ride feel, while a state-of-the-art, compact brushless motor possesses wear-free properties.

“All MGU versions are based on 48-volt technology that offers approximately 85 Nm of torque compared to conventional motors without the need for an integrated gearbox. However, due to the integrated gearbox, the output shaft values are not directly comparable with those of ordinary mid-motors. For example, in the first four gears, the MGU delivers up to 160 Nm of torque to the rear wheel, while the peak-power is 600 watts and 800 watts for the S-pedelec versions,” explains Pinion. 

Lastly, the MGU is powered by lithium-ion battery cells, with a choice of 480, 720 and 960Wh, along with a range extender that Pinion plans to announce more on.

There’s also an intelligent battery management system to protect from overloading and causing lasting damage to the cells, as well as highlighting faults and issues through the handlebar display, while Pinion offers a number of remote and display options for the MGU that are all interchangeable.

So far, Pinion has partnered with Simplon, Rotwild and Flyer to debut its MGU, indicating that Simplon and Rotwild will be introducing full-suspension e-MTBs equipped with the system, while Flyer will offer a host of city and touring bikes fitted with it as well.   

Pinion also points out that its MGU is rated for cargo bikes as well.   

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