- - Pirelli Rolls Out New P Zero Race TLR RS Road Tire

Pirelli Rolls Out New P Zero Race TLR RS Road Tire

Pirelli has rolled the latest variant in its ever-growing range of P Zero Race tires dubbed the P Zero Race TLR RS, touting it as the “fastest tire” the Italian brand has produced to date, claiming a 13% increase in rolling efficiency and a 8% reduction in weight.

“The P ZERO™ Race TLR RS represents the latest addition to our range of P ZERO Race road racing tires, made in Italy. It has been developed in collaboration with professional athletes from our World Tour teams to deliver superior speed and grip performance compared to any other tire we have created. This achievement is made possible by the new SmartEVO² compound, formulated with the know-how and latest materials used in Motorsport, ensuring further improvement in grip and handling on both dry and wet surfaces. Additionally, we have lightened the patented SpeedCORE structure, featuring a thin, hermetic layer of rubber compound enriched with aramid particles. The combination of these factors has made it possible to create a high-performance tire that is even faster for competitors, but also for those who wish to benefit from the same tech as the pros,” boasts Pirelli.

Working closely with the Trek LiDI WorldTour team, Pirelli was able to further refine its SpeedCORE construction, a patent-pending technology that comprises a thin, airtight layer of rubber compound that’s infused with aramid particles to help bolster the casing structure while slightly reducing weight and improving rolling resistance.

“The new SmartEVO² represents the latest advancement in our high-performance racing bicycle tire compound, enhanced by incorporating our Motorsport expertise at the highest level and the needs of modern World Tour racing. It evolves from the SmartEVO blend of three polymers with “smart” characteristics, utilizing new materials and innovative mixing processes, now possible at our manufacturing plant in Italy located just close to our R&D global headquarters. This results in improved overall grip, especially on wet surfaces, and a reduced rolling resistance to a record level for its category, elevating both performances and handling feelings to what the fastest World Tour racers in the world demand. SpeedCORE is an innovative tubeless-ready construction developed by Pirelli (Patent Pending) for our high-performance cycling tires, representing our most advanced TLR technology to date. Derived from Pirelli automotive know-how and made possible by our newest production plant in Italy, near our headquarters in Milan, SpeedCORE construction consists of a thin air-tight layer of rubber compound infused of aramid particles. This layer covers the internal part of the tire and thanks to the presence of the aramid into the rubber blend, it allows for better mechanical resistance, improved air retention and overall greater flexibility: all contributing to the tire’s overall performance,” explains Pirelli.

In addition to less weight and better rolling resistance, Pirelli says the P Zero Race TLR RS is also more puncture-resistant thanks to its SmartEVO compound, as well as a new bead design that promotes better air retention.

The P Zero Race TLR RS is available in sizes 26mm, 28mm, 30mm and 32mm that sell for $99.90, with all but the 26mm version being hookless compatible. 





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