- - Pirelli Unveils New Range of Road Specific Tires

Pirelli Unveils New Range of Road Specific Tires

Pirelli officially unveiled its new range of PZero Velo road specific cycling tires today, which comprises a special compound developed by the Italian company called SmartNet Silica.

According to Pirelli, its new molecular compound uses silicate-based molecules, which deviate from traditional spherical shaped silicates by using elongated patterns that have the ability to naturally orient themselves within the SmartNet Silca matrix.

Pirelli says, this longitudinal configuration ensures smoothness, improved elasticity and better heat generation and rolling resistance. Moreover, another advantage of SmartNet Silica, is its anti-cluster ability, meaning the compound has the ability to spread evenly within the matrix, while also processing a natural chemical affinity with water – for improved traction in wet riding conditions.

Inside protection

Pirelli says, the word ‘Net’ refers to the SmartNet Silica’s ability to bind all of the compounds together in a solid matrix, thereby creating a stable molecular weave that provides optimal performance, along with a reduction in weight, while also increasing puncture protection and longevity over time.

Three models

Pirelli says, the tires will be available in three models, which differentiate themselves based on color.

For instance, the silver label refers to Pirelli’s PZero Velo road racing specific tire, while the red label denotes the PZero Velo TT, which as the name implies is designed for time trials and the blue label, that refers to the all-season PZero Velo 4S tire.

Balanced all-round performance

“Perfect Balance” is one of the key characteristics, Pirelli says of its new range of tires, whereby engineers worked on three fronts to create the optimal shape, construction, tread pattern and tread compound for the new PZero range.

To wit:

“For the contour and construction of the new PZero Velo tires, Pirelli made use of ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping) technology working on the shape of the tire contour. The use of CAD software, along with subsequent analysis of the finite elements (FEM), helped optimize the construction parameters of the tire contour and repeatedly simulate performance. Hence PZero Velo provides the best and most efficient footprint conferring grip, stability as well as a reactive and controlled response to every type of surface (straights, descents or bends).”

“To fine-tune the tread pattern of PZero Velo and PZero Velo 4S (the TT model is 100% slick), Pirelli relied on the motorsport-inspired FGD technology (Functional Groove Design). The tread pattern, which does not have an aesthetic function, takes inspiration from one of Pirelli’s best SSP tyres (SuperSport class of the World SuperBike racing competition): Diablo Supercorsa. Tread pattern angles, depths and distances were researched to maximize performance in terms of water outflow, dry and wet grip, mileage, tire response as well as comfort and handling. The tread pattern recalls a “flash” and features extremely tight angles down the middle area with a definite lateral opening so as to facilitate water drainage, smoothness and even the tire usage. Moreover, the tread pattern has been designed to be progressively deeper to enhance resilience and give the tire great reactiveness and response even on extreme bends.”

“The position of the pattern creates a different number of contact points between the tread and the ground. PZero Velo has three major footprint areas: a central slick ribbon, for high tyre smoothness, two extra-grooved intermediate bands, which help to negotiate bends and heat the tire, and semi-slick edges providing high tyre responsiveness at bend apex. This result is optimum contact whenever the tire is required to supply maximum ground power transfer and safety in any set of conditions.”

Pirelli designed and developed the PZero Velo range in-house at its research center in Bicocca, Milan, where they annually allocate 200 million euros for the development and innovation of its tire technology.

However, the PZero Velo prototypes first underwent testing at Pirelli’s facility in Giarre, Sicily, wherein the tires underwent more than 100,000 kilometers of controlled testing during virtually every kind of riding and weather condition.

Pirelli says the PZero Velo range will be available for sale for the European, North American and Asian markets starting in August, with pricing to be announced. 


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