- - POC Introduces New Procen Time Trial Helmet

POC Introduces New Procen Time Trial Helmet

Aimed at cheating the wind, POC has introduced its newest time trial helmet called the Procen, taking everything the Swedish brand developed for its existing time trial helmets, the Cerebel Raceday and Tempor, and creating a more conventional lid.

But, above and beyond its aerodynamic signature, the Procen also focuses on ventilation, as evidenced by the helmet’s three large vents that are located at the front, allowing for a Venturi effect to flow air over the rider’s head and out of the rear of the helmet, thus reducing excess heat.

“Giving more than simply speed and protection, the Procen ensures you stay cool and comfortable through the intense efforts of a time trial. Proven to be fast thanks to extensive CFD testing and time on the track, the helmet utilizes the Venturi effect to manage airflow through the helmet for ultimate speed. A distinct trailing edge pushes air away from the shoulders to further aid aerodynamics and management of airflow to find ultimate speed,” says POC.

According to POC, none of this would have been possible without the use of extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and 3D scanning, which involved lengthy field-testing with a number of riders from the men’s and women’s EF Education-EasyPost and EF Education-Tibco-SVB teams.

Other notable features of the Procen include an adjustable, detachable visor, which POC points out is strategically positioned 10mm away from the helmet in order to prevent fogging when the rider is in a stationary position, while a full-head retention system with different-size pads ensures a fine-tuned fit.

“The Procen utilizes an innovative 2-position lens system to overcome a problem common with all visor helmets: lens fogging. In the ‘start position’, the lens sits around 10mm away from the helmet to ensure air can move naturally, ideal to prevent fogging while in the time trial start gate. It’s also possible to ride with the lens in this position, with a clear line of sight in all directions. The visor lens is fully detachable, and will also break away from the helmet in a crash thanks to an innovative temple design. A comfortable whole-head adjustment system makes it easy for every rider to find a secure fit, ensuring optimum protection while delivering maximum speed,” explains POC.

Available in size medium only (54 to 60cm), the Procen sells for $400, which comes in either Hydrogen White or Uranium Black Matt.




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