- - Pocket Pedals Transform Any SPD Pedal into a Platform Pedal

Pocket Pedals Transform Any SPD Pedal into a Platform Pedal

The Pocket Pedal quickly transforms clipless pedals into standard platform pedals for casual biking, which even the most diehard of roadies are sometimes asked to engage in.  

While clipless pedals are useful for serious, high performance riding, cycling activities sometime dictate a more casual style (as well as the use of  normal street shoes) that come with platform pedals.

The Pocket Pedals address that need, slipping over the standard pedal and gripping it tightly with a specially designed interior. The outside of the pedal features grip studs that hold the soles of the shoes tightly, and the module can be quickly slipped off and on and stored in a pocket.

The Pocket Pedal is the brainchild of Karl Birgir Björnsson, who team up with an engineer friend to design the pedal, which feature of a durable polymer construction that can fold flat when not in use, allowing them to be stuffed in a jersey pocket.

“We have tested them thoroughly and there is very little chance of them falling off,” Björnsson tells us. “We faced that issue with previous versions but I have yet to manage to make this final version of the product fall off my pedals. With enough will and force, one could probably do it, but under any normal riding circumstances it doesn’t happen.”

The Pocket Pedals sell for about for $43, which can be purchased directly from the brand’s site.

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