- - "PocketCoach Training": The Latest in Cycling Coaching and Training

“PocketCoach Training”: The Latest in Cycling Coaching and Training


Need some support with your training?

Leisure riding participation is at an all time high. Racing licences are growing at a similar rate. People in their millions (120 Million at recent estimations) across the world are riding their bikes for pleasure (or pain!) with massive health benefits. Cycling is booming and people are looking for guidance on how they can enjoy their biking time even more.

You lead a busy life and often an unpredictable one. Family and friends make you change plans. You have to work late or a bout of sickness leaves you feeling tired. You know you have a goal but lifes unpredictability means you can’t stick to a long term scheduled plan. You need personalisation but coaching costs lots of money. This is where we can help!

It doesnt matter if you train for 6 hours a week or 16, getting the guidance of PocketCoach will make every hour more productive, getting you where you want to go. PocketCoach works around your schedule, riding style and goals. If you like to ride with your group every Sunday or if there is a weekly race that excites you, that can be factored in.


Once you fill in PocketCoach’s detailed questionnaire and state available hours it will give you a weekly schedule and amend training session on a real time bases. Tomorrow’s session could change based on how your life changes.

Imagine what you could achieve with the 24/7 support of a coach at the fraction of the price. Imagine feeling better, enjoying every minute on the bike more and reaching your goals. PocketCoach will guide you all the way.


Data driven

  • The app takes all your metrics such as weight, age, goal etc and combines this with your feedback and training data to give you personalised coaching.

Personalized sessions

  • Real time changes will occur to your sessions. Say goodbye to weekly or monthly standardized plans.

Flexibility around your life

  • Learns about you, through your usage, and gives you the ability to amend sessions as you workout.

More for Less

  • Every workout we send you is completely customized around your goal, your fitness and your time.

Jargon Free

  • PocketCoach’s algorithm does all the work and provides you with analysis of how you are performing in relation to your goals.



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