- - Podia's "Riding Behind the Curtain" in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Podia’s “Riding Behind the Curtain” in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia


The second journey in our series Riding Behind the Curtain takes us to Kranjska Gora in Slovenia where we tackled the Vršič Pass and Mangart climbs.

While Slovenia was not actually behind the Iron Curtain, there in no doubt that it was an important area for the European history in twentieth century.

The phrase ‘Hidden Gem’ is often used, but here it can be safely applied. While the Vršič Pass boasts 24 turns (from Kranjska Gora) most of which are cobbled, the Mangart reaches 2,072m with a long but rewarding 11.9km climb.

This is Podia

We feel that so much in the cycling world is about the joy of discovery: from finding a new road with a perfect surface, learning how far you can push yourself to uncovering the latest trends in cycling fashion. These are the things that excite us as cyclists.

At Podia we are interested in the creative expression of cycling and celebrate an independent, artisan approach to everything that it includes. We believe that the ride does not have to be a race to be epic and that the experience of sharing these rides are what makes them special.

We have many exciting ideas that we are looking forward to introducing and the first of these is the Podia blog. Our aim is to bring together in one place all the best news and content from across the world of cycling from the very best hand crafted bicycles and their makers to the latest creative innovations.

We love discovering new roads and will be documenting these in a feature called ‘New Roads’. Whether these are routes that we feel need to be ridden close to home or further afield, our desire is that they will become an inspiration to discover new places.

We hope you enjoy the Podia blog.

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